Beautiful White and Green! Beautiful White and Green!

Beautiful white and green for the week-end.... This is me .... (I wish) Roses and silver ... perfect...

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1:04 AM

Pink and Gold! Pink and Gold!

I am so loving pink and gold at the moment!  Well actually I have always loved it!  The powder room ...

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12:27 AM

Hello again and Happy New Year!  I am so sorry for my so long absence but 2014 was a bit of a challe...

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8:43 PM

Patricia Gray's Taste of Life Patricia Gray's Taste of Life

  Patricia Gray, award-winning interior designer and global aesthete When Patricia Gray des...

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4:52 PM

Simple White Flower Arrangements Simple White Flower Arrangements

These are some simple white flower arrangements that I use regularly in styling my own home and cl...

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9:39 AM

Random Furniture Pieces Random Furniture Pieces

  I can’t believe that it has been almost two months since my last blog post.  Where has the time go...

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1:04 PM